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Specialist Industry - Chemical

Amarinth pumps are supplied into the chemical production industry worldwide. They are specifically designed to handle aggressive and corrosive liquids in an array of material combinations, due to the ability to supply in any castable alloy.

There are a selection of sealing solutions — depending on the level of protection required — including both pressurised double seals and configurations utilising magnetic drives.

The pumps have an inherent high efficiency which, when used throughout a processing plant, can lead to a significant reduction in lifetime costs due to lower energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Why Amarinth?

We strive to fully understand our customers’ requirements and ensure we deliver to your specifications and expectations within our quoted leadtime. We currently deliver in excess of 95% of orders on-time, measured to the day

Our horizontal and vertical pumps are designed for a reliable and long service life, meeting or exceeding current industrial and process quality and safety standards. We can supply pumps that are fully interchangeable with former Girdlestone URF, USM, SSM and SSD series pumps, eliminating the need for expensive modifications of process plant and associated downtime. Pumps can also be supplied on bespoke baseplates to match existing footprints. Skid packages comprising of pumps and all ancillary equipment, pipework and instrumentation can be configured and a range of seal support options are available. Working exclusively with UK foundries for all our castings, pumps can be supplied in various exotic alloys, including titanium.

What Our Clients Say

We work closely with our customers to deliver exactly what is needed, on-time and on-budget, which we achieve through:

  • Clear regular lines of communication, including video conferencing
  • Regular project updates, progress reports and production programs
  • Transparent live manufacturing status (24/7 via our web page)
  • High quality product documentation to accompany products
  • Product traceability up to Type 3.1 certification
  • Full NDT and NDE capabilities
  • Comprehensive testing facilities, including two VLS pits
  • Customer witnessing, including remote monitoring via our web page
  • Comprehensive customer support pre, during and post order

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We have successfully supplied products in the Chemical market to the following international projects in the table below:

Pump Applications

We specialise in manufacturing pumps for these applications in the Chemical industry:

Pump Application: Acetic acids
Acetic acids
Pump Application: Biocide / rain
Biocide / rain
Pump Application: Caustic transfer
Caustic transfer
Pump Application: Chemical processing
Chemical processing
Pump Application: Dosing pumps
Dosing pumps
Pump Application: Effluent treatment
Effluent treatment
Pump Application: Foam
Pump Application: Latex
Pump Application: Liquid fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer
Pump Application: Process Water
Process Water
Pump Application: Solvents
Pump Application: Vinyl acetate monomer
Vinyl acetate monomer
Pump Application: Wash Water
Wash Water
Pump Application: Zinc slurry
Zinc slurry

Related Products

The following products are typically supplied by us into the Chemical Market.

We can customise our products to match you exact specification / requirement. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements

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