Accreditations & Memberships

Amarinths accreditations and memberships demonstrate its commitment to leading the industry to raise standards.

Our memberships of key organisations ensure that we are in a position to represent our customers and lobby for change if it is needed.

Our quality accreditations are a recognised badge of quality and result from the rigorous quality management procedures which underpin our service.


ISO 9001


The International recognised standard that outlines the requirements an organization must maintain in their Quality Management System, Amarinth are certified to the latest 2015 standard ensuring continual improvement and risk-based service and provision at all times.

BS OHSAS 18001


The International recognised standard that outlines the requirements an organization must maintain for their occupational health and safety. Amarinth are certified and audited to the latest standard to maintain exceptional occupational health and safety management.

ISO 14001


The International recognised standard that outlines the requirements an organistion must maintain to esnure an effective environmental management system. Amarinth are certified to the latest 2015 standard to effectively control immediate and long term environmental impacts of their products, services and processes.

Achilies FPAL

Developed by Achilles and created to provide supply chain intelligence to the major buyers within the Oil and Gas Industry. Amarinth are certified to the highest advanced registration and audited to Achilles Verify standard for their capabilites in the areas of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Competance and Management.

Achilies JQS


Developed by Achilles and created to provide supply chain intelligence to the major buyers specifically for the Nordic Oil and Gas industry. Amarinth are certified to the highest JQS registration and have been fully assessed on how they meet the relevant industry and regulatory standards.



JOSCAR is an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors and was established to support the prime contractors and registered buyers for these markets. Amarinths products, services and potential risk are objectively assessed across areas of compliance to provide reassurance to all participating buying organisations.


ATEX is the name commonly given to the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres and to the standards that electronic equipment needs to comply with in order to be used safely in hazardous areas. The ATEX product certification process includes testing and assessment of a product with an ATEX certificate and report being issued for conforming product. Within Europe all explosion-proof equipment and systems fall under the ATEX Directive.


Joint Supplier Registration System


The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) was developed and established to support the major Oil & Gas Operators in Oman to source credible and experienced suppliers to the Industry through a ‘Single Registration System’ via an audited supplier base. Amarinth continue to support the Oman Operators through the JSRS Membership.

BSI – British Standards Institution


BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution, is the national standards body of the United Kingdom of which Amarinth remains an active member. The BSI apply harmonisation to International standards and allow Amarinth access to exisitng and the latest technical standards directly associated with their wide range of products and services.

EAC Certification


The Eurasian Conformity mark (EAC, Russian: Евразийское соответствие) is a certification mark to indicate products that conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union.

Suffolk Carbon Charter


The Suffolk Carbon Charter Award recognises an individual businesses active carbon reduction programme through audited site visit and evidence. Amarinth are certifgied to the Silver Charter standard award and have actively committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout the companies opertating and manufacturing processes.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce


Suffolk Chamber of Commerce supports and represents local business interests in the South East of the United Kingdom. Amarinth utilises membership to respond to changes and keep abreast of local, national and European issues which may impact service provision or ability to maintain thier industry leading standards.

EIC – Energy Industries Council


EIC membership ensures Amarinth stay informed about opportunities, changes and requiremnts within the global energy industries. Amarinth has continued its Global memebership status for over a decade and actively develops its already established relationships with the key decision-makers of the top operators and contractors.

Apprenticeships Suffolk


The reformed Government Apprenticeship scheme launched in April 2017 to improve the quality of apprenticeships, and the subsequent uptake from employers has been fully adopted by Amarinth. Amarinths training programme is specifically designed to align with both the current NVQ standards and our manufacuring practises.