API 675 Chemical Injection Pump Skid Packages

Amarinth designs and manufactures complete chemical injection pump skid packages with API 610 pumps and associated API equipment for the offshore and onshore Oil & Gas market. They are used in harshest environments around the world for the most demanding applications, including injection of high-pressure water, hypochlorite, methanol, monoethylene glycol, demulsifier, wax inhibitor and foam breaker.

Our skid packages are optimised for performance, space constraints, operation and integration challenges. Equipment is fully ATEX compliant and IECEx certified, meeting or exceeding stringent customer requirements. They can be configured for customer site specifications, including amongst others Norsok, Statoil, Equinor, Shell DEP, ATEX and BP DGS. Skid packages are available with bespoke options including pneumatic or electric motor drives.

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Our team design and configure each skid package calculating and accounting for all system losses such as valves, pipework and instrumentation to guarantee meeting the required customer operating parameters of discharge flow and head. Packages can incorporate specific customer vendor lists for all major components including motors, seals and systems, instrumentation, valves and control. We can manufacture pumps in most materials, ranging from carbon steel through to stainless steel and alloys such as super duplex and titanium.

Amarinth skid packages can be provided as a fully automated plc-controlled unit with minimal terminations meaning customers can simply connect to the suction and discharge, and power if required, and Amarinth manage the process in-between.

All skids packages are available with full component traceability and a complete scope of Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) and Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) to suit all requirements. Standard documentation and testing packages can be tailored to meet exact requirements, including translations and EAC Region Certification.

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Introduction to API 675 Pump Skid Package Options

Driver Instrumentation Integrated Control
Electric motor inc. VSD options Pressure gauge Flow
Air driven Pressure transmitter, Pressure differential gauge, Pressure differential transmitter, Temperature gauge, Temperature transmitter, Flow transmitter Pressure, Temperature, Duty, Standby, Shutdown


Introduction to API 675 Pump Skid Package Materials

Skid Frame Pipework Casing Impeller
Carbon steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Galvanised steel Hastelloy Hastelloy Hastelloy