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Oil & Gas Industry

Amarinth specialises in delivering high-quality pumping solutions tailored for the demanding industries of Oil & Gas, FPSO, and LNG. Renowned globally, our API 610 pumps are trusted worldwide for their reliability in the toughest environments, from upstream exploration to downstream refining. Integral to FPSO vessels, our pumps ensure efficient processing and storage of hydrocarbons along with handling various sea-water duties. Similarly, in the LNG sector, we excel in pumps that can handle the cryogenic temperatures and harsh conditions on offshore rigs and FLNG vessels. With a focus on meeting industry standards and bespoke requirements, Amarinth is your partner for dependable pumping solutions, delivered on time and within budget.

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Chemical Processing Industry

Amarinth delivers reliable high-quality pumping solutions to the chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide. Our chemical pumps are designed to handle aggressive and corrosive liquids, and various material combinations available. In the petrochemical sector, we provide reliable solutions for extreme conditions, from corrosive fluids to extreme temperatures. With options including magnetic drives and pressurised double seals we ensure the utmost protection. All our pumps boast high efficiency, reducing lifetime costs through lower energy consumption and maintenance needs. Whether for new installations or replacements, Amarinth delivers the same level of customer-centric service and engineering expertise, ensuring optimal performance for all our clients.

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Power Industry

From nuclear and hydro to solar and wind, the power industry demands robust, compliant pumps for uninterrupted operation. Amarinth offers pumps meeting ISO and ASME standards. As aging infrastructure demands replacement, we provide timely assessments and tailored solutions for cost-effective, safe power generation. Even in decommissioned nuclear plants, our maintenance and replacement services ensure on-going operational safety. Whether evaluating existing systems or designing for new projects, our expertise ensures optimal pump selection and seamless integration. Trust Amarinth to deliver efficient, reliable pumping solutions, backed by comprehensive site service assessments and major project support, to meet the unique needs of the industry.

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Marine Industry

Amarinth specialises in high-performance pumps for desalination, water treatment, and marine applications. Our pumps are engineered with corrosion and erosion-resistant materials, ensuring reliability in challenging environments. Compliant with ISO standards, they excel in high-pressure, high-efficiency duties with stringent safety controls. From long and close-coupled horizontal pumps to vertical pumps, our range offers versatility and durability. Additionally, our marine pumps undergo rigorous testing to withstand harsh conditions at sea, meeting shock, noise, and vibration requirements. Count on Amarinth for on-time delivery and superior solutions, empowering your operations worldwide.

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General Industry

Amarinth excels in providing bespoke pumping solutions across diverse industries. With a strong presence in the UK food and beverage production sector, we're the trusted choice for major brands, offering pumps tailored to each manufacturing process. In healthcare, our condensate recovery units ensure efficient energy reuse in hospitals, backed by round-the-clock maintenance support. For light industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, we offer compliant, cost-effective pumps meeting stringent regulations. Our range includes plug-and-play options for quick replacements and bespoke solutions for specialised needs, all delivering high efficiency and reliability. Trust Amarinth for tailored pumping solutions, delivered promptly to keep your operations running smoothly.

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