Amarinth Sustainability

These sections feature our aims and attempts at protecting the enviroment.

Our Approach

Sustainability is a pillar of the Amarinth way. We aim to foster a work environment which promotes and encourages sustainability, a completely carbon zero energy footprint both in office and in manufacturing, and to producing more energy efficient and sustainably sourced products.

A work environment which promotes and encourages sustainability
Net zero office and manufacturing facility


To focus on making our company as sustainable as possible from our base in Rendlesham to our supply chain.

  • To have a net zero office and manufacturing facility by January 2025.
  • To manufacture the most energy efficient pumps for our customer.
  • To have the most environmentally sustainable and ethical supply chain possible.

Our Strategy

To reach realistic sustainability goals we have a structured strategy which is clear and achievable.

  • To power the office and manufacturing facility from our solar array and local biomass power station.
  • All company vehicles are either hybrid or electric.
  • Grow our renewable business.
  • Focus on our R and D in improving pump efficiency and transferring our extensive knowledge into the renewable markets.
  • Showing good practice throughout our supply chain and influence our engineering partners.
Solar array and biomass power station
Focussed on making the most energy effective pumps possible

Influencing Others

To achieve our goals, we work closely and influence our suppliers and customers to move them towards more sustainable pumps and supply chains.

  • We are focussed on making the most energy efficient pumps possible, we emphasise this to our customers to help them save costs themselves and become more sustainable.
  • Our design and engineering process focusses on the least possible waste and the most effective way to use raw materials, which challenges our suppliers to think in the same manner.
  • Our philosophy of sustainability and our suppliers has become increasingly aligned, so that to become a preferred parts supplier, one of the pre-requisites is to share our environmental philosophies.

Our People

Our strategy revolves around our people, they are important on a grass roots level within the office environment and drive our sustainability and efficiency in design and manufacturing.

  • Design innovation to save energy for the customer is ingrained in our culture.
  • We have both a cycle to work scheme to save energy and a salary sacrifice scheme to allow staff to purchase electric cars.
  • We have dedicated recycling stations for everything from food to packaging to waste.
Design innovation to save energy for the customer

Accreditations and memberships

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