Decontamination certificate

Decontamination certificate

This form must be printed & completed before any pump is returned to our factory for repair or refurbishment. It needs be returned to Amarinth by fax (+44(0)1394 462 130) or e-mail ( before the pump is sent. Pumps delivered to our factory without a decontamination certificate will be rejected and returned.

This document is intended for use by the customer. This is designed to gather all relevant information about the pump and process. For further instruction please refer to the video on our web page. Please follow the instructions below to ensure the equipment meets Amarinth’s expectations of a decontaminated, clean and safe to work with pump. A fully completed Certificate of Decontamination must be sent to Amarinth prior to any pumps being returned to our works. Failure to comply will result in pumps not being accepted from carrier. The standard of the submitted pumps will be judged at Amarinth’s discretion - if pumps are not deemed to be fully decontaminated then they will be returned at your cost. In order to provide you with the most effective service for your pumps, it is our policy to initially strip, inspect and report all equipment. You will be provided with a quote per pump for the initial strip, inspection and report. A purchase order will be required for a strip report to proceed. The report will give you maximum visibility of the work required and includes our estimate for repair, provided in the form of a quote per pump. Upon acceptance of estimate a new or amended purchase order will be required for us to proceed with repair. Repaired pumps will be returned cleaned, painted and re assembled. If the pumps are to be used in a non-safe application, modifications may have to be carried out to ensure the pump is fit for use.

If ATEX standards are required, the following would be applicable:

• A new Amarinth Rotating Assembly fitted to the original pump.


• Upgrade of original pump bearing housing by fitting a minimum of non-contacting bearing protectors, brass cage bearings, wear rings (where necessary), new nameplate, Certification provided Clearances e.g. suction cover / impeller to be as original tolerances ISO5199/A

If you do not wish to proceed and require your pump to be returned it will be in a dis-assembled condition with carriage charge applicable and we will require a purchase order to cover this. Alternatively, if you wish to scrap the pump please advise Amarinth, and we will dispose of it at no extra cost.

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