Specialist Industry - Food & Beverage

Amarinth has a long history of providing reliable pumping solutions to the UK food production industry. Over the years it has forged long-standing relationships with many of the most famous brands in this industry sector – becoming the solution provider of choice for numerous major production sites.

There is a hugely diverse range of applications for each mode of food and drink manufacture and Amarinth has references on most. It can offer food grade hygienic pumps, pumps with solid/slurry handling capability, and those with high corrosion resistance. All of its pumps also offer high efficiency and reliability to help drive down plant maintenance costs

Why Amarinth?

We strive to fully understand our customers’ requirements and ensure we deliver to your specifications and expectations within our quoted leadtime. We currently deliver in excess of 95% of orders on-time, measured to the day

Our horizontal and vertical pumps are designed for a reliable and long service life, meeting or exceeding current industrial and food processing quality and safety standards. We can supply pumps that are fully interchangeable with former Girdlestone URF, USM, SSM and SSD series pumps, eliminating the need for expensive modifications of process plant and associated downtime. Pumps can also be supplied on bespoke baseplates to match existing footprints. Our range of Condensate Recovery Units incorporates high efficiency pumps with multi-stage motors and intelligent control systems. We work exclusively with UK foundries for all castings to ensure consistently high quality and manufacture all critical components within the UK.

What Our Clients Say

We work closely with our customers to deliver exactly what is needed, on-time and on-budget, which we achieve through:

  • Clear regular lines of communication, including video conferencing
  • Regular project updates, progress reports and production programs
  • Transparent live manufacturing status (24/7 via our web page)
  • High quality product documentation to accompany products
  • Full NDT and NDE capabilities
  • Comprehensive testing facilities, including two VLS pits
  • Customer witnessing, including remote monitoring via our web page
  • Comprehensive customer support pre, during and post order

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We have successfully supplied products in the Food & Beverage market to the following international projects in the table below:

Pump Applications

We specialise in manufacturing pumps for these applications in the Food & Beverage industry:

Pump Application: Brewery processing
Brewery processing
Pump Application: Chemical transfer
Chemical transfer
Pump Application: Cooling Water
Cooling Water
Pump Application: Hygene
Pump Application: Process Water
Process Water
Pump Application: Starch  Glucose
Starch Glucose
Pump Application: Sugar processing
Sugar processing
Pump Application: Utilities
Pump Application: Wash Water
Wash Water

Related Products

The following products are typically supplied by us into the Food & Beverage Market.

We can customise our products to match you exact specification / requirement. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements