Amarinth Sustainability

These sections feature our aims and attempts at protecting the enviroment.

Championing Our Environment

Being a force for change locally is the benchmark for all change, and it is at a local level that we focus our efforts.

  • We are constantly improving our immediate environment; we have a vibrant wildflower meadow around our building and solar panels. To utilise this resource, we work with a local bee keeper who installs a number of hives around our location to benefit from the flowers.
  • We are always looking to support the creation and protection of local outdoor spaces in our region. We also actively support community projects by giving our staff paid time to join local environmental projects.
  • Our environmental committee meets every six weeks to develop and implement new ideas across the company.
A number of bee hives around our vibrant wildflower meadow
Separation of food waste and packaging for composting and recycling

Reducing Landfill

Internally we consistently have initiatives to change staff behaviours in the work place, changes which are taken home and have a real environmental impact.

  • Our office kitchen is set up with multiple bins and staff are diligent in their separation of food waste and packaging for composting and recycling, minimising the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.
  • We run specialist recycling schemes for items our local council will not pick up from curb side recycling like crisp packets and tetra packs.

Developing Energy Efficient Solutions

We value our people more than any other part of the company, and it is their skill, knowledge and resourcefulness which is driving higher efficiency in our pump designs.

  • Our design engineers are always looking at ways of making our pumps more efficient. It is part of our working philosophy to deliver the most efficient pumps both to save our clients’ money over a pumps lifecycle and reduce the pumps carbon footprint over its life.
  • Our quality control and contracting systems mean we are able to efficiently manage and develop projects leading to more efficient energy usage across production.
Increase our pumps lifecycle and reduce the pumps carbon footprint
Efficiency of our pumps can both save a customer money in power usage costs and thus reduce their carbo footprint

Influencing our customers, suppliers & local community

We influence customers and suppliers to encourage the uptake of more efficient design, but also in smaller ways when it comes to packaging, and the distance travelled within the supply chain.

  • Our sales conversations always have an emphasis on how the efficiency of our pumps can save a customer money in power usage costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Our charter with our suppliers means that we are all very much environmentally aligned and are committed to reducing our own environmental impacts, as well as jointly working together to protect our environment. We also choose to work with as many local suppliers as possible to mitigate transport.
  • Our video conference solutions reduce both costs and damage to the environment with unnecessary travel.
  • Our pump packaging is all made from recycled and recyclable material, and we include recycled compliment slips to encourage the continued recycling of this packaging.
  • We make a point of supporting local environmental initiatives both through sponsorship and financial support and allowing our staff paid time off to work on local projects.

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