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Petrochemical, refinery, fuel transfer, chemical & industrial centrifugal process pumps
API 610 OH2 oil & gas process pump ISO 5199 chemical process pump Girdlestone 910 & 920 interchangeable pump API 610 VS4 vertical sump pump Girdlestone SSM &SSD interchangeable pump Girdlestone URF &USM interchangebale pump ISO 5199 VLS vertical sump pump ISO 5199 close coupled motor pump API 610 OH2 pump with plan 53A seal support  system API 610 OH1 refinery process pump

Process Pumps

API 610 & ISO 5199 petrochemical, refinery, chemical & industrial centrifugal process pumps. OH2 & OH1 horizontal & VS4 vertical sump pump designs. Interchangeable with Girdlestone pump ranges.

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ASME pressure vessel seal support systems designed & manufactured by Protect System
ISO 5199 D.10 & D.11 seal support systems API 682 Plan 52 and Plan 53A seal support systems API 682 Plan 53B seal support system Protect System top up trolley

Seal support systems

ASME pressure vessel seal support systems, including API 682 Plan 52, Plan 53A, Plan 53B & Plan 53C, plus ISO 5199 arrangement D.10 & arrangement D.11.

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Pump & seal support system spare parts
Pump spare parts for Amarinth & Girdlestone pumps Replacement Amarinth volute casing replacement Girdlestone volute casing with removable suction cover High quality Amarinth pump spare parts available on short leadtimes

Pump spare parts & service

High quality, fast leadtime pump spare parts for Amarinth & Girdlestone pump ranges. Pump refurbishment and upgrades also available.

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Pump packages, skid & modules manufactured to bespoke designs
Ci-Nergy - intelligent variable speed condensate recovery unit Bespoke pump skid for condensate recovery Spirax Sarco M condensate recovery unit Spirax Sarco Mark III galvanised condensate recovery unit Stainless steel condensate recovery unit

Packages, skids & modules

Condensate recovery units including the energy saving variable speed Ci-Nergy unit supplied to Spirax Sarco. Skid packages & pump modules designed & built to your specifications.

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  • Amarinth personnel work with BP on a very tight 3 week schedule to complete a refurbishment of API 610 VS4 pumps.
  • Sonatrach in Algeria, Africa, orders bespoke refinery solution to resolve unacceptable failure rate
  • Amarinth provide a cost effective, short lead time alternative to a traditional Plan 53B seal support system by designing a bespoke Plan 65A for 12 off API 610 OH2 pumps,…
  • Details of Operations Admin Assistant role within existing team providing assistance to the Operations Director and assisting in the continued operational monitoring and work load prioritisation of the team.
  • Only authorised and invited recruitment agencies should submit candidates for any advertised roles. Please view our Code of Conduct for recruitment agencies for further details.
  • Alderley contract Amarinth for the supply of API 610 OH2 pumps with 53B seal support systems and bespoke acoustic enclosures ensuring maintenance can be completed within space constraints and minimum…
  • Amarinth have invested over 1M in the past three years developing a reliable, low-maintenance range of API 610 VS4 vertical sulphur pumps for the oil and gas industry.
  • ADMA-OPCO purchase chemically pure titanium pumps for the Umm Lulu development project, off shore Abu Dhabi