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Passion & drive

All departments of Amarinth are driven by a passion to deliver unique designs to solve challenging propositions across some of the harshest operational environments on Earth. Amarinth has become globally renowned for stepping up to take on the most challenging pump applications, pushing the boundaries to deliver bespoke pumps, often breaking new ground with our unique designs.

This is all done around a philosophy of delivering difficult projects on time, where other companies struggle to deliver. This philosophy has made Amarinth one of the most passionate pump manufacturers in the world.

Contracts to deliver innovative solutions to tight deadlines

Contract Execution

To be able to deliver innovative solutions to tight deadlines it requires a world class contracts and documentation department. Our contracts team take our clients on the journey from the point a sale is confirmed to delivery of the pump packages. Not only do we offer a completely transparent and timely contract process, we are also proactive in all communication. We can offer weekly scheduled meetings to update on all elements of the project as well as facilitate onsite inspections and tests. Our contracts department allow for a seamless process, meaning even the tightest deadlines are hit. We are experts in managing even the most complex of projects and work with our clients so all projects become an open two way partnership.


At the heart of Amarinth is our constant drive to innovate, and through a continuous research and development programme as well as taking on the most challenging jobs we are constantly designing new solutions for applications across the industry. We have become particularly well known for our work and production of Low Shear pumps, and have become the go to company for pumps of this nature. We have also worked hard when it comes to designing innovative pumps to fit in areas where there are strict space restrictions, explosive environments and in both ICEeX and Cryogenic applications.

One of our most important areas of innovation though is producing more efficient pumps, saving our customers money, and protecting the environment with decreased power consumption and running costs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We are a commercially nimble company meaning we can deliver large, complex and bespoke orders on short lead times. Our inhouse engineering and design teams are just yards from assembly and test facilities so it means that our ability to communicate, test and research all aspects of our pump designs is close to instantaneous. We also work predominantly with local forges and suppliers, meaning lead times are as low as possible whilst being able to remain meticulous quality control with quality suppliers. This means Amarinth can not only deliver the most complex pumps but also deliver on tight deadlines.

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Product Design Standards

All Amarinth pumps are designed and manufactured to strict international standards. We are certificated to produce and design pumps to API 610, API 685, ISO 5199, IECEx and APEX and through our rigorous design, manufacture, and testing processes we often exceed the high quality requirements. Achieving these standards means that clients can use us with unwavering confidence that the final product will meet the highest operational standards.

Innovation, passion and drive is worthless without exceptional customer support

Post Sales Technical Support

Innovation, passion, and drive is worthless without exceptional customer support. From the moment a job is handed over to us to the moment a pump is commissioned our customer service is paramount. We offer weekly meetings as a minimum throughout every project, and are always on hand to answer questions and to constantly solve any issues which may arise during the process of design, manufacture, and installation of equipment. We can access the whole process throughout website, monitor pump testing via remote access or on-site visits. After sales service includes prompt warranty service, tech support and a dedicated spares team. If you require any of these please contact us on the button below.

Accreditations and memberships

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