Amarinth delivers high alloy API 610 VS4 V Series vertical sump pumps for prestigious processing project in the UAE


Technically challenging

Fluor Corporation had been commissioned by one of the largest gas processing companies in the world, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), for the engineering, procurement and construction and commissioning services for the Habshan Gas Complex Expansion project that will double the gas processing and re-injection capacity at the existing gas complex in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This called for API 610 VS4 vertical sump pumps and horizontal OH2 pumps to be installed in an additional process train to existing gas fields. The pumps had to operate in a harsh environment to a specific and demanding hydraulic performance and so had to be manufactured from special exotic alloys which are rare, difficult to procure and challenging to machine. Despite this, Fluor needed these pumps delivering on a very tight deadline - just 40 weeks from order.

Bespoke versions of designs

A standard pump was not an option and although a number of manufacturers looked at the requirements none could meet both the technical requirements and the lead time demanded by the specifications provided by Fluor. Amarinth though was able to comply fully with both the specifications and the lead time by creating bespoke versions of its proven API 610 VS4 vertical sump pump and API 610 OH2 horizontal pump. The addition of API 682 Plan 53 accumulator systems completed the solution. Fluor awarded this prestigious contract to Amarinth following a comprehensive review of its capabilities. The scope included the design, manufacture and testing of six pump sets complete with operating spares. This was the first contract to be awarded by Fluor to Amarinth.

Design requirements

The GASCO design called for the addition of stillage tubes on some pumps and minimised the support plate diameter. The stillage tubes removed material from the support plate and so it was analysed for stress and strength. Amarinth incorporated these changes without impacting the lead time. 3D modelling was used to ensure the correct allowances for bolting to the connecting pipework and to make certain those bolts could be tightened within the restricted access. All the units were subject to NDE and NDT including radiography, dye-penetrant of castings and welds, PMI and type 3.1 and 3.2 material certification of critical components. After assembly, extended API 610 tests were conducted in-house, witnessed by the client’s inspection agency. The high levels of NDT resulted in sizable dossiers, but Fluor was pleased with the management of the contract and the documentation which kept pace with the contract at all times.

Local support

Amarinth will be providing additional services to Fluor including pump commissioning and site support working with its agent Nama Development Enterprises in Abu Dhabi. Nama will undertake first level support to Gasco and an order for spare parts has already been received. A further contract for similar pumps on the same site has since been awarded to Amarinth through Consolidated
Contractors International Company Ltd.


Fluor Corporation

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“We knew from previous jobs that Amarinth would be able to deliver a solution within the client deadline that would comply fully with the specifications. The client was very impressed with the overall execution of the contract and in particular the considerable cost saving that the innovative design of the stillage tubes delivered into the project. Amarinth staff worked hard to incorporate client changes and always maintained a can do attitude - something that other suppliers could learn from.”

Mr Tarek Helamieh
Sales Manager
Fluor Corporation

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