Specialist Industry - LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

The LNG (liquified natural gas) and LPG (liquified petroleum gas) industry continues to be one of the most challenging for pump suppliers. Equipment often operates in some of the most demanding conditions in industry, enduring cryogenic temperatures on both offshore rigs and FLNG vessels.

The industry demands both the latest design and safety standards as well as any additional end-user specifications. Bespoke pumps are frequently required on aggressive lead times and so a track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is crucial.

Amarinth has been supplying pumping solutions to the global LNG industry from the Liquefaction process itself to loading and off-loading applications our pumps are designed to cope with the challenging conditions and applications associated with harsh environments such as low suction pressures and low NPSH conditions. In addition, we have a wealth of experience in associated treatment processes such as, acid gas removal and amine transfer which have their own challenges such as high corrosion resistance.

Why Amarinth?

We strive to fully understand our customers’ requirements and ensure we deliver to your specifications and expectations within our quoted leadtime. We currently deliver in excess of 95% of orders on-time, measured to the day

We design and manufacture API 610 pumps, including to bespoke requirements, that will operate reliably for customer specific duties in the most arduous applications and environments. Working exclusively with UK foundries for all our castings, pumps can be supplied in various exotic alloys, including titanium. In addition, our own range of API 682 seal support systems and Automatic Top-Up Units can be configured and supplied alongside our pumps and incorporated into our fully automated skid packages.

What Our Clients Say

We work closely with our customers to deliver exactly what is needed, on-time and on-budget, which we achieve through:

  • Clear regular lines of communication, including video conferencing
  • Regular project updates, progress reports and production programs
  • Transparent live manufacturing status (24/7 via our web page)
  • High quality product documentation to accompany products
  • Product traceability up to Type 3.2 certification
  • Full NDT and NDE capabilities, including two VLS pits
  • Comprehensive testing facilities
  • Customer witnessing, including remote monitoring via our web page
  • Comprehensive customer support pre, during and post order

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We have successfully supplied products in the LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) market to the following international projects in the table below:

Pump Applications

We have successfully supplied products in the LNG market to the following international projects in the table below:

We specialise in manufacturing pumps for these applications in the LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) industry:

Pump Application: Acid gas removal
Acid gas removal
Pump Application: Amine
Pump Application: Back wash
Back wash
Pump Application: Booster pump duties
Booster pump duties
Pump Application: Closed drain
Closed drain
Pump Application: Drum pumps
Drum pumps
Pump Application: Flare knockout drum
Flare knockout drum
Pump Application: Fuel transfer
Fuel transfer
Pump Application: Gas scrubbing
Gas scrubbing
Pump Application: Heating
Pump Application: Hydrocarbon
Pump Application: Induced gas floatation
Induced gas floatation
Pump Application: LNG offloading
LNG offloading
Pump Application: LNG transfer
LNG transfer
Pump Application: LPG
Pump Application: Low NPSH capabilities
Low NPSH capabilities
Pump Application: MEG 75% with H2O
MEG 75% with H2O
Pump Application: MEG reclamation
MEG reclamation
Pump Application: Open drain
Open drain
Pump Application: Re-Injection
Pump Application: Recirculation
Pump Application: Reflux
Pump Application: Seawater duties
Seawater duties
Pump Application: Solvent transfer
Solvent transfer
Pump Application: Sour water sump
Sour water sump
Pump Application: Tanker loading
Tanker loading
Pump Application: Wash Water
Wash Water
Pump Application: Wash down sumps
Wash down sumps
Pump Application: Water

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We can customise our products to match you exact specification / requirement. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements