Specialist Industry - FPSO (Floating production storage & offloading vessels)

Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO), are offshore production facilities that house both processing equipment and storage for produced hydrocarbons. Typical FPSO vessel designs consist of processing equipment on the vessel’s deck, and hydrocarbon storage in the hull. After the onboard processing has finished, the oil or gas is stored before offloading to tankers, or transmitting the processed petroleum via pipelines to shore.

Operators and contractors need the utmost confidence in their pump suppliers to deliver products that will meet the strict FPSO supply and installation standards and any additional end-user specifications. Bespoke pumps are frequently required on short lead times for complex space and height restrictions, low shear, and broad operational capabilities.

Amarinth supplies pumping solutions to the global FPSO industry and remains a supplier of choice to support the complex and challenging applications associated with the industry. In addition, it has a wealth of experience in designing process water treatment packages, separation and re-injection pumps, MEG/TEG reclamation, and marine hull pump supply.


We have successfully supplied products in the FPSO market to the following international projects in the table below:

Pump Applications

Here are just a few of the industry specific applications we cover.

We specialise in manufacturing pumps for these applications in the FPSO industry:

Pump Application: Acid gas removal
Acid gas removal
Pump Application: Amine
Pump Application: Back wash
Back wash
Pump Application: Booster pump duties
Booster pump duties
Pump Application: Closed drain
Closed drain
Pump Application: Drum pumps
Drum pumps
Pump Application: Flare knockout drum
Flare knockout drum
Pump Application: Fuel transfer
Fuel transfer
Pump Application: Gas scrubbing
Gas scrubbing
Pump Application: Heating
Pump Application: Hull service
Hull service
Pump Application: Hydrocarbon
Pump Application: Induced gas floatation
Induced gas floatation
Pump Application: LNG offloading
LNG offloading
Pump Application: LNG transfer
LNG transfer
Pump Application: Low NPSH capabilities
Low NPSH capabilities
Pump Application: MEG 75% with H2O
MEG 75% with H2O
Pump Application: MEG reclamation
MEG reclamation
Pump Application: Open drain
Open drain
Pump Application: Produced water
Produced water
Pump Application: Re-Injection
Pump Application: Recirculation
Pump Application: Reflux
Pump Application: Seawater duties
Seawater duties
Pump Application: Solvent transfer
Solvent transfer
Pump Application: Sour water sump
Sour water sump
Pump Application: Tanker loading
Tanker loading
Pump Application: Wash Water
Wash Water
Pump Application: Wash down sumps
Wash down sumps

Related Products

The following products are typically supplied by us into the FPSO Market.

We can customise our products to match you exact specification / requirement. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements

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