Amarinth’s web document management system ensures urgent API 610 project is delivered on time including all supporting documents


Early signs of success

Amarinth’s relationship with Calder began with a particularly complex contractual requirement for two centrifugal booster pumps for large plunger pumps for produced water injection. The pumps are destined for an oil rig located on Sakhalin Island, a remote sparsely populated area off Russia's Far East. From the outset, Calder were impressed that even at pre-order stage Amarinth was able to provide 3D models so that Calder was able to assess how to integrate the pump into its skid. Using the models, Calder were also able to determine that the pump baseplate integrated into the Calder PD pump baseplate producing a significant cost saving on the project.


GOST-R had been mandated by the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) and Amarinth had a strong track record with this following previous contracts with companies such as Buran Boilers and Axsia Serck Baker. During the pre-clarification meeting Amarinth also presented to Calder its comprehensive online web documentation system and showed how it planned to manage the complex documentation requirements of the project. Calder were impressed by the clarity, attention to detail, openness and access this system delivered.

Driving approvals

The document management system ensured that the document list was well defined from the outset and could track all documents as they were completed and their status through to final approval. A further advantage of the system was that it enabled Amarinth to drive the document approval procedure across all parties in order to keep the project on track and on-time, important in what was a short leadtime project.

Access to documents

Requesting a copy of any document in the system is quick and simple. For example, when Calder required a copy of the latest GA they were able to log on and have the have the latest copy e-mailed to them instantaneously through the fully automated process. The system also enabled Amarinth, Calder and their end-customer to have complete transparency as to the document schedule and what had been completed, all fully up-to-date, 24 hours a day.

Complete documentation

Amarinth’s attention to detail and their innovative industry leading document management system ensured that the pump met the requirements and that the supporting documentation for this complex project was complete at the point of pump dispatch. This enabled Calder to deliver their package on-time and on-budget and not suffer any financial penalties or retentions.


Calder Limited

Calder designs and manufactures high pressure pumps and pumping equipment for the Oil & Gas industry. Its current annual turnover is in excess of $20 million and since its creation in 1981, Calder has supplied approximately $200 million of pumping equipment to many varied industries, worldwide. Calder’s equipment will pump almost any liquid ranging from potable water to liquid butane, light hydrocarbon, condensates, and heavy mud and drill cuttings.


“The ability to download the latest document schedule to provide our customer with current status as part of reporting procedure was invaluable. Our experience in the oil and gas market is that no one else is capable of handling documentation in this manner. During an expediting visit required by one of our clients we were able to witness first-hand the documentation progress – very impressive.”

Ian Calder-Potts
Calder Limited

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