Amarinth supplies super-duplex API 610 pumps for use in the Petronas operated Kebabangan field

Tight deadlines from Petronas

Amarinth was contracted to supply four super-duplex API 610 OH2 pumps with EagleBurgmann Plan 53B seal support systems to Malaysia on a tight 26 week deadline. The pumps were for use in the Petronas operated Kebabangan field in the South China Sea, 130km offshore Sabah, East Malaysia.

Normally, Amarinth would build and test the complete pumps and seals support systems in the UK before shipping to the customer.

However, due to the tight deadline it was not possible to get the seal support systems to Amarinth in the UK, assembled on the pumps, tested and then the complete package of pumps and seal support systems out to Malaysia in time.

Amarinth therefore proposed leveraging their excellent relationship with EagleBurgmann, who are familiar with Petronas specifications, to supply the Plan 53B seal support systems direct from EagleBurgmann in Kuala Lumpur.

Leveraging local facilities

Geveke Oil & Gas Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Amarinth’s agent in the region, has an extensive workshop facility and is experienced in building skid packages and chemical dosing facilities for the oil and gas market. Geveke’s skilled engineers are also very familiar with the standards and practices required for offshore packages.

Amarinth therefore undertook to subcontract the supply of the seal support systems to EagleBurgmann in Malaysia and have them delivered directly to the Geveke workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

The key pump components were designed and engineered in Amarinth’s UK plant before sending these to Malaysia to meet the seal support systems from EagleBurgmann at the Geveke workshop where the designed pipework was also fabricated and fitted.

Throughout the project, Amarinth retained control over all contracted procedures and documentation, managing the project from start to finish by working closely with EagleBurgmann and Geveke.

Stringent testing

After assembly, the pumps and seal support systems were put through stringent pressure testing and a full suite of tests were carried out within the Geveke facility. The assembled pump and seal support systems were then shipped for inclusion into the process platform in Johor Baru in Malaysia.

Amarinth subsequently sent one of its experienced engineers from the UK to oversee final commissioning on the platform to complete the job.

Delivered on-time

The result of Amarinth’s innovative thinking in leveraging the local Geveke engineering facility was that Amarinth was able to meet the aggressive deadline set by Petronas whilst retaining full control of the overall project and timescales ensuring that the pumps could be delivered to Petronas, the end-user, complete, tested and ready for commissioning.

yellow sea

Kebangan field

The Kebabangan gas field is located in the South China Sea, 130km offshore Sabah, East Malaysia. It is part of the Kebabangan Cluster which contains two more fields Kamunsu East and Kamunsu East Upthrown Canyon. The water depth at the cluster ranges from 100m to 400m. The Kebabangan field was discovered in 1994.and is estimated to contain approximately two trillion cubic feet of gas.


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“We are delighted to have been working on this project so closely with Amarinth. Despite the very tight deadlines, the plan that Amarinth put into place ensured that everything ran very smoothly and together we were able to deliver these important pumps on-time to Petronas.”

Dato’ Satwant Singh Dhillon
Kebangan field

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