Amarinth shows its hand to become a leading pump supplier to the power generation industry


Amarinth, a leading company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and power markets, has experienced a sharp rise in orders from the power generation industry for support and replacement of obsolete equipment and so has laid out its clear three-pronged strategy to deliver against that demand, becoming a leading supplier of high quality pumps on short lead times, and providing the specialist obsolete pump support and refurbishment services that are now so crucial to the future of the industry.

Amarinth has an enviable reputation for providing high-quality bespoke centrifugal pumps on the industry’s shortest lead times to the most demanding oil and gas projects around the world. Over the past year, the company has taken the expertise, knowledge, agility and other qualities which have delivered success in that market, and modified and applied these to the needs of the power generation industry. As some established pump vendors, faced with the pressures of reduced business from traditional markets, have retracted from Europe to reduce overheads, lead times for pumps to the power generation industry have been rising dramatically, in some cases to as long as 10 months, and all at a time when many existing power stations, some 25 to 30 years old, are coming to a natural replacement cycle for their pumps.

Amarinth has been quietly building its capabilities and reputation in the power generation market delivering pump products and services to some of Europe’s leading companies, working at sites such as Sizewell, Sellafield, EPR, Ely, Dungeness and Didcot. To continue to exceed industry expectations following the sharp increase in demand, Amarinth has established a clear three-pronged strategy enabling it to dovetail with a plant’s needs at any stage of its lifecycle, whether generating power from nuclear, fossil or renewable sources.

Firstly, Amarinth has a range of horizontal, vertical and submersible pumps born out of the exacting demands of the oil and gas industry. The company’s pumps are engineered, manufactured and supplied on the most competitive lead-times in the industry with various models available from stock and bespoke units on lead times of just 6 to 14 weeks. Many of these pumps are fully interchangeable with now obsolete Girdlestone pumps, which were used extensively across the power generation industry over the past decades, without the need to modify existing plant or pipework. Amarinth is also registered with the Roll-Royce Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS) which enables power generation companies to quickly identify replacement solutions for obsolete equipment. Pumps can be supplied with self-priming units and a range Condensate Recovery Units which incorporate high efficiency pumps with multi-stage motors and intelligent control systems. Skid packages comprising of pumps and all ancillary equipment, pipework and instrumentation can be configured.

Secondly, Amarinth designs, manufactures and stocks a range sacrificial and critical component spares for existing pumps, including the former Girdlestone range of pumps. Using modern computer aided design software, the company re-engineer, rather than just replicate, critical components so they outperform the original OEM parts giving pumps an extended service life with improved reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and unplanned downtime, and potentially improved performance.

Thirdly, the company offers a strip, service and refurbishment capability for all centrifugal pumps, regardless of original equipment manufacturer. This starts with a full mechanical and hydraulic assessment report and a recommendation as to whether refurbishment or replacement would be the most cost-effective solution. If refurbishment is selected, then all the important components in the pump are replaced, and knowledgeable engineers inspect non-replacement items for wear to ensure they are within tolerance. Pumps are then tested by Amarinth to certify them to the same standards as a new pump, ensuring they will operate reliably for a further 20 years.

Amarinth is actively promoting its industry leading product and service offerings to an ever-diversifying power generation industry, including nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, coal and gas fired power stations through to biomass and waste.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “The power generation industry continues to move on at a pace to meet the ever-increasing and diverse energy needs of the world’s population. Our strategy has always been to offer class-leading bespoke products and services on lead times that are unsurpassed in an industry and we are delighted that we can now deliver this philosophy into the power generation market and look forward to working at the fore-front of change that is now sweeping the industry.”

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Amarinth Pump Manufacturing

Founded in 2002, Amarinth has harnessed the skills, creativity and passion of people who have worked in the pump industry for many years. Amarinth delivers worldleading expertise in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to ISO, ANSI & API standards, primarily for the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and power markets. The company’s portfolio includes:

• Pumps: Horizontal and vertical API 610 pumps, chemical and industrial pumps, many of which are interchangeable with the Girdlestone pump ranges, eliminating the need for expensive modifications when replacements are required.

• Pressure Vessels: Protect System Plan 52 and 53A and 53B sealant systems with inbuilt condition monitoring for pumps and mixers that are suitable for Safe area up to Zone 1.

• Spares & Service: High quality, fast lead-time re-engineered spare parts to improve performance and extend pump life, including many which are directly interchangeable with the Girdlestone pump ranges.

• Packages & Modules: Condensate Recovery Units manufactured for Spirax Sarco incorporating the innovative Ci-Nergy intelligent variable speed control system, plus bespoke packages & skids built to order.

• Business Systems: state-of-the-art e-commerce technologies that deliver 24/7 support enabling customers to select pumps and place orders on-line and then track every stage of manufacture through to delivery, any time, anywhere in the world.

The company operates globally from its base in Rendlesham Suffolk, United Kingdom and has a customer base of world-leading companies, including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Spirax Sarco, Diageo, AMEC, Fluor and Halliburton. For further information, electronic copy or photos contact:

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