Amarinth delivers state-of-the-art bearing flush monitoring system for ZADCO VS4 pumps

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 30 November 2012

Amarinth sets new standard in ZADCO for API 610 VS4 pumps with new bearing flush monitoring system

Amarinth, a leading company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical and industrial markets has delivered a state-of-the-art bearing flush monitoring system to ZADCO for API 610 VS4 pumps to prevent bearing failure caused by dry running and to reduce Health and Safety risks.

ZADCO was becoming increasingly concerned about reported incidents within the industry of the bearings in API 610 VS4 pumps running dry, which in rare cases had led to catastrophic explosions. To address this issue, ZADCO commissioned Amarinth to review the operations of its existing API 610 VS4 pumps in its Satah plant on Zirku Island, located 140 kilometres north-west of Abu Dhabi, and design a new bearing flush system to prevent the bearings running dry.

The existing pumps were first commissioned in the 1990’s and although designed for sour oil service, these requirements had increased. The existing clean flush tank was only 26 gallons in capacity and installing a larger tank in this offshore location was out of the question. ZADCO were concerned that the tank could become emptied too quickly and the time taken to shut the pumps down could result in the bearings running dry and overheating.

To meet the increased bearing flush requirements, Amarinth designed a bespoke flow detection system with automatic shut-down that ensured the pumps could not be started until flow to the bearings was established and would shut the pump down quickly if the flow ceased.

The monitoring system incorporated:

• A system control panel to constantly monitor the external flush
• A pressure control valve to shut down the pump if flow stops
• A pressure relief valve to ensure the bearings do not receive too much flow pressure

The original pumps also only had a single mechanical seal and so this was replaced by Amarinth with a new Plan 53B seal support systems and double mechanical seals to better contain the hazardous H2S.

Amarinth delivered and commissioned the new bearing flush system to a tight deadline and with minimal disruption to the operating plant. The system has addressed all of ZADCO’s Health and Safety concerns and set a new standard for bearing flush for API 610 VS4 pump bearings. ZADCO is now considering a site-wide adoption of this system and Amarinth has already supplied a similar system to GASCO for four onshore pumps including additional bearing monitoring.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “We have built a strong relationship with ZADCO and this unique challenge came off the back of previous pump orders that we have successfully delivered. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to design this state-of-the-art system that reliably monitors the bearing flush and prevents the catastrophic results that could occur if the bearings ran dry. This puts ZADCO at the forefront of the oil and gas industry for Health and Safety in this area and we will continue to work with them as they roll out this technology across their operations.”

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